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REC (Reclaiming Everyday Content) is a group of 14 producers, performers, and writers in the University of Virginia Music Department’s “Composing Mixtapes” class (taught by Dr. A.D. Carson) who collaborated to produce an album of rap, pop, hip-hop, and R&B tracks. This project, COPE, embodies each person’s perspective of love, power, and justice. “America Damn” is an exploration of political and social issues through a demand for change. “Black” exemplifies power, and “Me and You” is an intimate portrayal of the multifaceted aspects of love. In 20 tracks, COPE delves deeply into the mindsets of 14 college students exploring their different identities.

Visit the Album Page: REC (Reclaiming Everyday Content).

Class of 2018 album

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Ext. 398 releases their first (and probably only) studio album with this self-titled project. The group of 14 explores what a hip-hop project can sound like in a university setting.

Visit the Album Page: Ext 138.

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